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My man Omar Martin is  Buzzing around the internet

He has continued to grow his business and bring out quality product after quality product!

Now it is Buzzinar!

Sorry for the static sound as I was using an old flip video...But hey, I am taking action!  What about you?


The All New "Buzzinar" is a viral funnel creation system. Omar Martin will give you everything and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING that you need to create sales funnels that grow virally.

The system comes with:

  1. An Audio Book or read the PDF instead!
  2. A Video Training Course
  3. An HTML Website (10 pages to easily plug in!)
  4. A Wordpress Theme..to use wherever you like
  5. A Software Application
  6. A WordPress Plugin...for viral sharing of your content with incentives!
  8. Autoresponder series...and much much more!

Watch Omar give a demo of the course and options below!

So without any more delay and getting right to the goodies when you use the links below!

Here's my AWESOME bonus package that you get with Buzzinar:


List Building MoJo 

The most successful marketers on the planet all agree that the POWER is in the subscriber list. The faster you get your list growing exponentially the faster you'll be making REAL solid money on a consistent basis.

What you need is a little MO JO baby! In this ebook you will learn 100 different techniques to increase your optin rate. By using these techniques you're destined to grow your subscriber list.


5 Minute Traffic Tricks 

Traffic doesn't have to be such a drag. There are lots of quick and easy techniques that you can do to drive visitors to your websites. The Five Minute Traffic Trick is a cool report to guide you along the way.

Learn how to get instant traffic and instant high PR links to your squid lenses and hub pages. You'll discover what these tricks are and how to ranked well in Google.


List Building Wisdom 

List building is an exact science, there is no "luck" involved. Established marketers can put systems in place that gather hundreds of new subscribers per day on auto pilot. The key is having a system and knowing EXACTLY what to do.

This report will help you gain the wisdom to build lists and establish trust with your subscribers. You'll also learn how to utilize your list and make money with it. You'll learn what not to do and what to do when your building your list of subscribers.


List Management Secrets 

Having a magnetic funnel is where it all begins however once you've got subscribers pouring in you'd better know what to do with them! That's exactly where "List Management Secrets" steps in to help.

You'll earn how to manage your list the right way. You'll learn how to earn the trust of your subscribers and how to add your personal touch to everything you do. Understanding the difference and importance of "quality over quantity" is important, this ebook covers this and more.


Constant Leads 

Constant leads is a concise 20 page report that covers a few critical points that will ensure the optins keep coming in.

Inside the Constant Leads report you are going to learn how to leverage joint ventures as a source of leads. You will also shed your fear of paid advertising for the sake of list building. You are going to finally understand the power of Good Will as it relates to attracting fresh hungry leads into your funnels.


Traffic Overdrive 

Here you'll learn how to generate traffic using free methods. You'll also learn about search engine optimization and why it's important to use it.

That's not all. You'll also learn how to drive low cost traffic to your site and how to make that traffic laser targeted traffic. Want to learn how to get the most out of the traffic? You'll learn how here.

The TOP 5 ways to generate FREE or low cost traffic as well as viral traffic strategies are outlined in TRAFFIC OVERDRIVE!


With Email List Siphon you get quick and easy ways to implement bootleg budget techniques to build your list of targeted buyers. 

This comes with a week long training series to prepare you and take you step by step on the actions you need to take in order to build up your list...

...then it is just wash, rinse and repeat! 



Available ONLY TO PRO MEMBER Level buyers!

How I got over 200 new Facebook Fanpage likes and clicks at $0.16 on Facebook.  You will be one of the first to get hold of this soon to be released report will help you in your funnel by building the social media side and branding you as someone to know, like and trust.


Available ONLY TO PRO MEMBER Level buyers!

Blog Post and Website Review 

I will post a review article about your course/product/business as well as provide feedback on your funnel (Yeah, the one you build with Buzzinar silly!) once you have it all up and running before you launch to help you tweak out any bug or issues you might have!


Available ONLY TO PRO MEMBER Level buyers!

43 Wordpress Tutorials...I have permission from my friend Cedric Aubry to hook you up with backdoor access to 43 wordpress Tutorials which will help supplement your bloggin endeavors so you can easily learn how to benefit from wordpress and stop having to waste money with outsourcing! 


Available ONLY TO MACK DADDY Level buyers!

Marketing Book Blowout!  I will send you the following to your house so you can physically hold and read these masterpieces (*These will only be mailed out after the refund period has passed to protect from refund fraud)

1)  Mike Filsaime's "Butterfly Marketing" which I am holding in this shot!  This is a classing in the marketing world for bringing little changes into your business and marketing funnel to bring about exponential growth

2)  Benjamin Jacques "The Execution Factor" which is the book that got me off my ass this summer to put the appropriate focus needed towards making and publishing my own book in the Lacrosse niche (and selling over 20 copies without much promotion so far!)

*I'll even throw in the PDF's of both books as well to hold you over in the mean time!


Available ONLY TO MACK DADDY Level buyers!

You get lifetime access to ME! That is right, I will hook you up with my phone number to text or call and help you with whatever aspect of Buzzinar that you are struggling with...Can you say Priceless!


Available ONLY TO MACK DADDY Level buyers!

This is the "It's my Brother's Birthday Special" and is available only for those who purchase Buzzinar and send me their receipt copy as directed below...This will NOT be here after September 23rd, so no fence sitting...Grab that Mack Daddy today!

I will be hooking you up with a minimum 1 hour consult on how to get your first book or PLR product published with Create Space...which is where I have had success so far and sold over 35 copies of my Lacrosse book in about a month with little promotion!


IMPORTANT: How to Claim Your BONUS!

This bonus is available for a very limited time only, and this page may be removed anytime without notice. Order Buzzinar NOW, from the button or link below to claim my BONUS!

Grab Buzzinar Now CLICK HERE!

Once you click the order button you will see the ClickBank order page, be sure the affiliate ID is 'baresales' displayed at the bottom of that page:

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If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your BONUS, then I suggest you empty your browser cache (instructions at the bottom of the page), close all your web browser windows, then click on the link to our bonus page again, then click on the Buzzinar banner above, or click here.

Important! All bonus claims will be manually verified and you will not be sent your bonus if you did not follow these instructions.

In order to claim your bonuses, please send your Payment Receipt to: DaveGardner@MagneticSponsors.com with 'Buzzinar Bonus' in the subject.

Here is the link again that you need to use, in order to get my BONUSES:

>> Click Here To Access Buzzinar & Bonuses <<

Remember, this bonus is for a very limited time only, don't hang about!

Once I have verified your purchase, we will reply to your email with everything you need.

IMPORTANT: Bonuses are allocated on a first come, first served basis, this is based on the time we receive your bonus claim email with your payment receipt.



Dave Gardner


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